More than half a billion people throughout the world have disabilities and most share the same problems. Without Barriers or Borders explores the burgeoning global movement for independent living and how people with disabilities are reshaping the world in which they live. The program begins in Cambodia  where American vets return to Phnom Penh to set up a clinic to train Cambodians, disabled by landmines and war, to produce prosthetics and wheelchairs. We then travel to Japan, where disability activists are working to break down cultural barriers, and confront inaccessible transportation systems and buildings. We return to Eugene, Oregon, and visit an exchange program where group of disabled high school students from Russia learn confidence, teamwork and communication skills through endurance training and physically challenging activities.

Concluding Show of the 3-Hour PEOPLE IN MOTION II Series
1996 National Primetime PBS Broadcast
Special Screening at the United Nations



  • Director, Producer, Writer: Lyn Goldfarb
  • Research Director: Anatoli Ilyashov
  • Director of Photography: Sandra Chandler
  • Editor: Meri Weingarten
  • Composer: Susan Justin
  • Host: Marlee Matlin
  • Executive Producer: Bill Einreinhofer

Produced by WNET

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Selected Reviews

“Hosted by Marlee Matlin, the actress whose deafness has not prevented her from a fulfilling career…the series is designed to shatter the stereotypes and misconceptions that often create the most daunting obstacles for people with disabilities….truly good-looking television.”

– Star-Ledger, 1996

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