Ways to Move tells three stories that shatter stereotypes of disability; from disabled dancers who choreograph with wheelchairs as the core of performance; to the quest for the cure of spinal cord injury; to the story of a candidate running for Congress, who happens to be a quadriplegic. The individuals in each of these stories have been newly empowered by a combination of technological breakthroughs and important changes in society’s attitude towards people with physical disabilities.

Opening Show of the 3-Hour PEOPLE IN MOTION Series
1995 National Primetime PBS Broadcast



  • Director, Writer, Producer: Lyn Goldfarb
  • Research Director: Anatoli Ilyashov
  • Director of Photography: Sandra Chandler
  • Editor: Meri Weingarten
  • Composer: Michael Whalen
  • Host: Itzhak Perlman
  • Executive Producer: Bill Einreinhofer

Produced by WNET.

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Selected Reviews

“…three episodes are moving, fascinating, often inspiring…the gutsy people with disabilities in this series are not normal. They’re way above. So is the series.”

– Sandy Rovner, The Washington Post, 1995

“…a new, slickly produced, highly personalized and thoroughly captivating series takes a wide-ranging look at the current state of disability in this country…PEOPLE IN MOTION is rewarding, informative television for all viewers.”

– Daily News, 1995

“Although PEOPLE IN MOTION is mostly about people in wheelchairs, it is not victim television. This three-hour PBS series calls not so much for sympathy…as for an appreciation of how some severely disabled men and women are challenging their fates…the wheelchair dancing, artfully photographed, becomes not a set of tricks but moments of beauty.”

– The New York Times, 1995

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