Lyn Goldfarb Productions has received commissions to produce short videos to celebrate victories, honor important leaders, encourage civic engagement, build leadership and political empowerment, elect political candidates, and document organizing campaigns, activism and historic events. These videos have been featured at annual fundraising dinners, conventions and meetings, commemorative events, workshops and classes, and as strategic tools for organizing and community building.

The Public Interest and Campaign videos include:

  • Miguel Contreras: Warrior for Working Families (produced for LAANE)
  • Fasting for Justice (produced for UNITE HERE)
  • Its Our Healthcare (produced for SEIU)
  • The New California Dream (produced for SEIU)
  • Phil Angelides for Governor Campaign (produced for LA County Federation of Labor)
  • I Am A Human Being / Soy Un Ser Humano (produced for UNITE HERE)

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I Am a Human Being / Soy Un Ser Humano

This short video was produced for the 2006 annual fundraising dinner for the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) and showcased as an integral part of the evening’s program.  This video was a three camera shoot, documenting the historic march to support immigrant workers’s right to organize at the hotels in LAX’s Century Corridor.


  • Producers: Lyn Goldfarb and David Koff
  • Videographers: Ann Kaneko, Jens Stirrup, David Koff
  • Sound Recordists: Stacy Hruby, Jack Sparks
  • Editor: Marisa Murgatroyd

I am a Human Being 1I am a Human Being 2I am a Human Being 3