Throughout the Fall of 2009, we produced a series of short YouTube documentaries on the campaign for health care reform. The videos were a model of the power of social media. The videos were shot, edited and uploaded on to YouTube, Facebook, on-line newsletters and email campaigns, usually between 24 hours and 48 hours from the time of the event. Short and to the point, these quickly produced videos captured the pressing social issues and an action agenda in a timely manner. Lyn Goldfarb Productions continues to produce YouTube videos on current national and local issues.


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  • Producers: Lyn Goldfarb and Dustin Slaughter
  • Videographers: Dustin Slaughter, Patricia Cunliffe, Jayasri Hart
  • Editors: Dustin Slaughter, Jayasri Hart

Campaign for Health Care Reform 1Campaign for Health Care Reform 2Campaign for Health Care Reform 3